How to Wear a Silver Pendant

For the past few years, sterling silver has become tremendously popular in the jewelry market. So much so that the resurgence of silver is by far the hottest trend in jewelry fashion today. Its brilliant whiteness combined with very attractive price points lends itself to an exciting variety of stylish, yet inexpensive choices.

If you haven’t taken the plunge to purchase silver jewelry yet, a great starting point is to begin your collection with a silver pendant. Most pendants come complete with a chain, so before you shop, consider which chain length will look best on you.

Find Your Balance Point

  • Grab a tape measure.
  • Measure the length from your chin up to your hairline.
  • Use this length to measure from your chin down to your chest.
  • This is the balance point for your facial shape and structure.
  • Your balance point is the perfect spot for a pendant to end or a neckline to begin.

However, when out on the town, don’t be afraid to step out with chunky chains sporting bold silver pendants to show off your stylish flair for fashion.

Of course, wearing multiple silver chains makes a great impression as well. Create a flashy, carefree look when donning your favorite jeans and tee by layering many different silver chain lengths and similar pendant styles.

Add long silver dangle earrings to balance the flowing necklaces and you are ready to roll out in style.

Mixing Color If your jewelry collection contains yellow gold pieces, try mixing silver and yellow necklaces together.

However, coordinating this look with two-tone earrings is essential because earrings and pendants are in such close proximity on the body.

Definitely try to coordinate colored gems set in silver with harmonizing wardrobe colors. However, basic black is the ultimate backdrop for a stunning silver pendant embellished with diamonds, pearls or any colored gemstones.

Various shades of gray, and even white, also work extremely well to highlight the sparkle of this type of necklace.

Avoid wearing a silver pendant that drops below the neckline of a silver top, as the beauty of the necklace will not have any visual impact.

Whether you choose the shiny bright finish of high polished silver or the soft patina of a brushed silver pendant, choose a design that reflects your personal sense of style.

Don’t hesitate to collect distinct designs for separate occasion, because the allure of silver, so beautiful and extremely affordable, guarantees this sizzling white metal to remain at the forefront of fashion jewelry for quite some time.

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